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LynN Dutra

Stage Manager, Performer



Current Project:

Miracle on 34th Street

Oregon Cabaret Theatre

Ashland, OR

Hello, I'm Lynn!

Thank you for visiting my website.

The improv concept of “Yes, and…” was taught to me at a young age. My acting teacher explained that improv is a lot like life; whatever we are thrown onstage, we should accept it, go with it, and find a way to expand on it. Throughout my years of working in the arts, I have found myself keeping this as a mantra. Life is full of opportunities just waiting for us to say “yes.” I’ve found the more I say yes, the more people I meet. The more people I meet, the more I learn. Everybody I cross paths with has something to teach me, and I use every new contract as an opportunity to hone a new skill, or further improve on an old one. It’s crucial in this world to always be expanding your personal toolbox, and mine grows daily. With this “Yes, and…” mindset and a passion for learning, I have found my way to many unique opportunities. I just kept saying yes! I’ve been SM, ASM, PM, Director, Music Director, Assistant Director, Fight Choreographer, Light Designer, Sound Mixer, Spot Operator, Board Operator, Backstage Assistant, Scenic Painter, Actor… and the list goes on!

For a list of specifics check out my Resume, or click below for a PDF.




Current Residence: Ashland, OR

Tel: 541-890-6881

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